hello and welcome to my little pixel home! make yourself comfortable and feel free to take a look around ♡

this site is still majorly under construction, and isn't compatible with mobile devices ToT Many of the links on the navbar do not work yet, becuase i am still coding pages! I'm still newer to coding from scratch, so please have patience if you encounter any bugs ♡

♡ updates ♡

5/5/22: continued overhaul + improvements, still rolling out more updates within the coming days!

5/4/22: overhauled the site look (therefore we are now catp0rtal neo!) will be fixing critical layout bugs and updating existing pages to the new layout- still working on finishing new pages on the side in between my classes + exams!

2/9/22: back after a haitus!! fixed some bugs, will be continuing site expansions soon i promise ToT

10/1/21: kittenp0rtals page added! go look at my pretty cats please~

9/21/21: about me page has been added

9/16/21: toybox has been expanded, and karlin's page has some new info

9/14/21: characters, toybox, and dollzhouse pages added

9/13/21: development of homepage began

9/12/21: coming soon screen created

9/08/21: site launched

thank you neocities ♡

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