⠀the kittenp0rtals

♡ meet my kittenp0rtals (aka, my three lovely cats)! ♡

♡ angel ♡

about 1.5 years old

starting off with the baby of the family, angel! shes very small and cute, and has a favorite toy: a little stuffed fish simply called "fishy". out of all of the cats, she acts the most like a baby- she squeeks, cries when food is being made, and relies a lot on her adoptive mother-cat mimi!

♡ mimi ♡

about 4 years old

mimi is our little middle child! shes a bit colder and more cat-like out of all of our cats- she loves her alone time, curling up on the windowsill, and particularly enjoys playing with little sparkly balls- but only when nobody is watching. despite her colder nature, she is protective over angell she gives her baths, curls up with her every night, and plays with her at odd hours of the night.

♡ dora ♡

about 14 years old

last, but most certainly not least, is my oldest, dora! i got her when i was about 5 or six (i think???) and i named her after dora the explorer. She loves sleeping and playing with little toy mice. shes not as warm with the other two cats as mimi and angel are with each other, however she loves them both dearly and will cuddle up with them every once and a while.